Ensure uninterrupted power for your Panasonic LUMIX S Series camera with the Panasonic Authentic LUMIX DC Power Coupler (DMW-DCC16). Designed to provide a reliable power source for extended shooting sessions, this DC coupler allows you to connect your camera directly to an external power source for continuous power supply.

Experience peace of mind during long photo or video shoots, knowing that your camera will remain powered without the need to change batteries. The DMW-DCC16 eliminates the hassle of battery swaps, ensuring that you can focus on capturing the perfect shot without interruption.

Designed for compatibility with Panasonic LUMIX S Series cameras, the DMW-DCC16 provides a secure and reliable connection, delivering consistent power to your camera. Simply connect the coupler to your camera’s battery compartment and plug it into an AC adapter or external power source to start shooting with continuous power.


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